Friday, 16 March 2018

Side-Pod Bonus Episode - Inkaar: Sellotape a Phone to a Banana

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast Side-Pod Bonus Episode! (Phew!)
Hop once more onto the train that left from the station called "King's Ransom - 1959", stopped off at "High and Low - 1963" and is now on the way to "Inkaar - 1977" and then join us in our comfy, sunken living-room seating as Paul and his guest Lorraine ( discuss the late Seventies Bollywood movie Inkaar.
Inkaar was an adaptation of Kurosawa's film, yet is very different and also has some other aspects of McBain's book included. In this bonus-to-a-side-pod episode we discuss what makes a Bollywood film a Bollywood film, wonder about the global penetration of Ind Coope's "Double Diamond" beer and marvel at the strange policing decisions of Inspector Gill (the 'Carella' character).
We'll be back to the main podcast soon with 1960's "See Them Die" - get practising your Spanish, for we shall meet again in the barrio!

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