Still online, Ed/Evan's page is still a great resource for biographical resources, interviews and information on his books. It's not been updated since 2010, but is worth a visit.

Prof. Erin MacDonald's homepage. Erin wrote "Ed McBain/Evan Hunter: A Literary Companion", a fantastic academic resource for the McBain/Hunter fan. 

Bandcamp page for Paul's band.

Bandcamp page for Morgan's band.

Interviews with Ed/Evan

The Book-Nook with Vick Mickunas (10/09/2001)

An interview on the station WYSO 91.3, undertaken as part of McBain's publicity tour for "Money Money Money". 

Desert Island Discs (26/06/1979)

Ed McBain appeared on the long running BBC radio show in the late Seventies, talking to the presenter, Roy Plomley, about his life and work, as well as choosing the records, books and luxury items he couldn't do without if stranded on a desert island.

In The Psychiatrist's Chair (1998)

McBain joins the psychiatrist Anthony Clare for a very open and free-ranging conversation, looking at how he works, his childhood and his many names.

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