Thursday, 16 August 2018

Ed McBain's Ten Plus One - Episode 17: Quality Manly Reading

**Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast!**

Welcome back to the books! After our fantastic diversion off to New York to meet Otto Penzler, we're firmly back in the fictional city of Isola, dodging bullets from rooftops as we put together the pieces of the mystery that is Ten Plus One (1963).

The 17th book in the 87th Precinct series is a bloody and dark tale, with only a couple of amusing characters to lighten the mood of what is a battle against the odds to work out why seemingly unrelated victims are getting gunned down.

In this episode we take our usual look at the charts/movies/politics of the era, have a look at the issue of Argosy magazine this story was featured in, fail to effectively answer a listener question and collectively forget which books we've read and what happens in them - but at least you get the start of a bonus improvised Poirot story from Stevo!

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Monday, 30 July 2018

Hark! Bonus Interview - Otto Penzler at the Mysterious Bookshop

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Extra Special Bonus Podcast!
We're absolutely thrilled to be bringing you this podcast - an interview with publisher and owner of the Mysterious Bookshop, Otto Penzler. Otto was a long time close friend and confidante to Evan Hunter and kindly agreed to meet up with Paul when he was recently in New York, to chat about their relationship and tell us more about what Hunter was like as a person. 
During the conversation, we discuss how much Evan's background may have bled into his books, the success of Evan Hunter vs the longevity of the 87th Precinct, who else fans of the 87th Precinct should be reading and Otto shares some personal recollections of a man who, it seems, was intense, honest, friendly, combative, funny and talented.
We can't thank Otto enough for being so open with us and agreeing to give up some of his working time to talk to us. Reward him by visiting the Mysterious Bookshop next time you're in New York, or exploring the Mysterious Press to find some amazing editions of classic authors. 
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    Sunday, 15 July 2018

    Ed McBain’s Like Love - Episode 16, Bonus: Boris Becker In Jeopardy

    Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast Bonus Episode!
    You chose the title (well, the seven of you who voted), so find out what it's all about in this bonus episode about the 1962 87th Precinct story, Like Love. 
    As usual, there's a good book-huffing, a look at the covers of our different editions (check out our Instagram feed for pictures and more!) and we answer a number of listener questions in regard to how the series might have ended, female authors of crime fiction and more about who the best on-screen Carella was.
    We also take in 'Call My Bluff', Stevo's proposal for a podcast spin-off called "True Crime?" and you can hear our slow but inexorable collapse into heat fatigue. 
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    Monday, 9 July 2018

    Ed McBain's Like Love - Episode 16: Put Rum In It

    Hark! It's the 87th Precinct Podcast

    Put your time-trousers on and slip back with us to the second part of 1962, as we experience something Like Love...

    Returning to the single-story format, the 87th Precinct is back with mountains of police procedures, lots of footwork and more bad luck for Steve Carella. He can't catch a break, that fella. It's an explosive tale of suicide, lost love and heartbreak for all involved. 

    We look at what was dominating the music charts in the latter part of 1962, what was (and wasn't) released in the cinemas and explore the source of the original publication of the abridged version of the story. We look into the publishing history of the book as well and how it afforded McBain the chance to take the mickey out of J D Salinger.

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    Thursday, 14 June 2018

    Tracking down the cover location of THE EMPTY HOURS

    If you're listening to the new bonus episode of the podcast, you'll have heard me (Paul) telling Morgan and Stephen all about the cover of their Pan editions of The Empty Hours, the collection of three novelettes by Ed McBain from 1962. The cover is clearly intended to represent a street in Isola during "The Empty Hours" - that time when the street lights are still on, but morning has begun - no-one's around and the cops of the 87th Precinct are about to end their night-shift. 

    Of course the 87th Precinct exists in the fictional area of Isola, but New York is always used in the various photographic covers and this particular edition gave away a clue to where it was taken. Surely "Ted Steel - Garment Racks" can't still be there, forty years after the picture (by Colin Thomas) was taken? Well it is! And that was the clue that the cover was taken with the photographer stood at about 365 W36th Street in the Garment District of Manhattan!

    The buildings for the most part look the same now as they did in the '70s/80s (the picture I selected from Google Maps was taken in Jun 2014 - the picture on the timeline slider with the fewest vehicles in it), although the tall street lighting has gone now and there's obviously been some cosmetic changes to some buildings, but it's still a fair match!

    Anyway, I wanted to share that because [a] if I find it interesting, someone else might and [b] I want you to understand quite how much nerdy research goes into these shows!

    Click to enlarge

    Ed McBain's The Empty Hours - Episode 15, Bonus: Crime Prevention Knees

    Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast Bonus Episode!
    Paul's research into the different first editions of Ed McBain's 1962 collection of "novelettes", The Empty Hours, leads the team into some very silly places indeed. Prepare yourself for an entirely indulgent (and slightly tipsy) bout of INVENT A BOOK TITLE. Stevo is a natural.
    Also, we see how nerdy Paul can get in his cover-image research and we become obsessed with Crime Causing/Crime Preventing knees.
    Apologies for the sound issues with this (and the main podcast) - we seemed to be having some mic issues as a consequence (probably) of rushing to set up.
    Join us soon for the next 'full' novel in the 87th Precinct series, Like Love. Please rate, review, share and get-in touch with us to help us spread the word about McBain and his wonderful books. Fare thee well.

    Thursday, 7 June 2018

    The Empty Hours - Original Publications

    As we suggested in the new podcast (here), The Empty Hours, as a collection of 'novelettes' was probably released as a way of getting out a new 87th Precinct book whilst Evan Hunter was away from home working intensely on the script to The Birds with Alfred Hitchcock, in California. 

    The stories came from a couple of different sources, as outlined below:

    The Empty Hours
    Ed McBain's Mystery Book #1 - (October?) 1960

    Click the image for the magazine contents

    The New Golden Argosy Vol.352 #5 - May 1961
    Illustrations by Sandy Kossin

    Storm - originally Murder On Ice
    The New Golden Argosy Vol.353 #5 November 1961
    Illustrations by Lou Feck