Thursday, 27 July 2017

Ed McBain's Lady Killer - Episode 7, Bonus Episode: Mimimimim Street

Here we are with a bit of the usual (Book Huffing, Cover Art, Listener Questions) and the start (we think) of something more unusual, as suggested by Groff Conklin, the fact-checking Ghost! Enjoy Paul's INCREDIBLE American accents and chat about maps in books and which Liverpool pub would be most suited to featuring in an 87th Precinct novel.
Join us soon for Killer's Wedge!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Moving Podcast - Moved Podcast - A Message From Carella

Morning all! 

You may have seen my tweets and messages about our moving from Soundcloud to This wasn't fully triggered by the rumours and threats to the security of Soundcloud as an ongoing business. I had reached our upload limit, which they measure in time, and it was more economical to move to a new provider than to pay for the upgrade to the Soundcloud service. Any way, it all seems to have worked okay, with the new site up and running with all the episodes (albeit the earlier two-parters now combined into one). 

There was a special Podcast message in relation to this, featuring everyone's favourite 87th Precinct cop, Detective Steve Carella. Click below to listen!

Thanks for listening and I hope you continue to enjoy our exploration of these books and the assorted daftness we fit around that. The current episode looks at "Lady Killer" (1958) and next up it will be "Killer's Wedge" (1959). 



Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Ed McBain's Lady Killer - Episode 7: Bernard Bresslaw Stars as Poirot

Hark! It's the 87th Precinct Podcast - Lady Killer (1958)!

Yes, Lady Killer, not Killer's Wedge (that's next up!). We discuss the seventh novel in the sequence and along the way deal with the films and infrastructure developments in 1958 Britain, Paul has a Wine & Crime moment (, Stevo becomes possessed by the Heart of Paul Carrick and we sing ribald satirical songs in not-particularly tuneful ways. 

 A bonus episode will be coming along soon - probably as will a message about us moving over to from Soundcloud - once I've figured out all the RSS things. In the meantime, sharing and reviewing however and wherever is appreciated!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Happy Fourth of July from Isola

The weather and the time of year play characters themselves in the 87th Precinct books. Our last podcast takes place on and around July 4th and the city residents are behaving true to form:

So, we hope you're having a more peaceful 4th July than this one and that you're being nice to both humans AND animals! Coming soon - LADY KILLER!