The Team

(L-R) Morgan Brown, Paul Abbott, Stephen Royston

Paul, Morgan and Stephen (hereafter rendered 'Stevo' for expediency, notwithstanding the amount of letters I've used in explaining this to you) have been pals for twenty years. There are a few props to their relationship - a nice pint of beer, music and books. Of these books, discussed repeatedly over a nice pint of "Leopard's Copse" or "Clasp-Hammer" bitter, the 87th Precinct emerged as a series they all became addicted to. Hence - PODCAST!

Morgan plays in several punk bands - Pardon Us, The Down & Outs and Town Bike. Paul plays in one band - Good Grief, but produces and records others. Stevo doesn't play in any bands, but has two of the nicest cats in the world. They all live in Liverpool, but none of them come from here originally. Morgan comes from Cumbria, Paul from North Yorkshire, then Stoke and Stevo from West Yorkshire. If you want to know more about them, ask. They might not tell you, but you never know.

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