Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Side-Pod - Kurosawa's High and Low: Milkman's Day Out

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast Sidepod!
Come with us now back to 1963, to Yokohama in Japan, to the glossy Highs of Mr.Gondo's hilltop villa and the seedy Lows of Mr.Takeuchi's shack in the slums. Join us as we follow Chief Detective's Tokura and "Bos'n" Taguchi on the trail of what appears to be a simple kidnapping case that turns into something much more dramatic.
Based on McBain's 1959 novel, King's Ransom, Akira Kurosawa's film Tengoku to Jigoku (Heaven or Hell, but widely known as High and Low) is a fantastic feature which not only provides plenty for the fan of Police Procedural stories to enjoy, but also presents one of the most unique and effective morality tales ever put on screen.
Joining the regular crew for this review is Stef Bradley, cinema fan, illustrator and good pal, to put us to shame with her effective note-taking and ability to not try to crowbar Carry On... film references into everything. Find Stef on Twitter at twitter.com/todayzine and online at todayzine.bigcartel.com - Stef also read King's Ransom in advance of this and gives her thoughts and awards an Honorary Police Shield ranking to the book!
Along the way we meet a crackers incinerator operator, discuss the many different types of Highs and Lows and revel in the majesty of The Dirty Bare-Chested Police Squad. Hope you enjoy it! Please keep sharing, rating and reviewing wherever you get your podcasts. See you soon for McBain's "See Them Die".

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