Monday, 30 July 2018

Hark! Bonus Interview - Otto Penzler at the Mysterious Bookshop

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Extra Special Bonus Podcast!
We're absolutely thrilled to be bringing you this podcast - an interview with publisher and owner of the Mysterious Bookshop, Otto Penzler. Otto was a long time close friend and confidante to Evan Hunter and kindly agreed to meet up with Paul when he was recently in New York, to chat about their relationship and tell us more about what Hunter was like as a person. 
During the conversation, we discuss how much Evan's background may have bled into his books, the success of Evan Hunter vs the longevity of the 87th Precinct, who else fans of the 87th Precinct should be reading and Otto shares some personal recollections of a man who, it seems, was intense, honest, friendly, combative, funny and talented.
We can't thank Otto enough for being so open with us and agreeing to give up some of his working time to talk to us. Reward him by visiting the Mysterious Bookshop next time you're in New York, or exploring the Mysterious Press to find some amazing editions of classic authors. 
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