Thursday, 14 June 2018

Ed McBain's The Empty Hours - Episode 15, Bonus: Crime Prevention Knees

Hark! It's an 87th Precinct Podcast Bonus Episode!
Paul's research into the different first editions of Ed McBain's 1962 collection of "novelettes", The Empty Hours, leads the team into some very silly places indeed. Prepare yourself for an entirely indulgent (and slightly tipsy) bout of INVENT A BOOK TITLE. Stevo is a natural.
Also, we see how nerdy Paul can get in his cover-image research and we become obsessed with Crime Causing/Crime Preventing knees.
Apologies for the sound issues with this (and the main podcast) - we seemed to be having some mic issues as a consequence (probably) of rushing to set up.
Join us soon for the next 'full' novel in the 87th Precinct series, Like Love. Please rate, review, share and get-in touch with us to help us spread the word about McBain and his wonderful books. Fare thee well.

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  1. It should be mentioned that the movie adaptations of Cop Hater and The Mugger both had screenplays written by Henry Kane