Monday, 23 April 2018

Book List Update

I wish this was a post saying there was a new or long-lost 87th Precinct story coming out, but sadly not. However, it is a post to say that we've updated the book list here to include the several short-stories and novellas about the 87th Precinct that were released in some form or other in the latter years of the series. 

Also included is the link (legitimate!) to the story Ed wrote for the BBC 'End Of Story' competition. The idea was that established authors would write short stories without an ending and submissions would be made by unpublished writers. The best would be picked by the author themselves. McBain also wrote an ending and this is the version linked to on the book list.

In regard to the numbering system, I've chosen to add them as 'sub' numbers (i.e. 48a, rather than making it 49) to more accurately express their place alongside the main body of 87th Precinct stories. The scholar Ted Bergman, who we have to thank for so much good 87th Precinct research, used the other system, but I think it's generally considered that we have 55 actual published 87th Precinct stories (including the Christmas novella), so anything additional to that is a bonus. 

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