Thursday, 3 August 2017

Columbo and the 87th Precinct - Lady Killer

What's that? You want to know if there are any links between Columbo and the 87th Precinct TV episode based on "Lady Killer", the last book we looked at on the podcast? Well, gosh, yes there is!

  • Playing psychiatrist, Dr Daniels (not in the book), is Harlan Warde, who is bumped-off & dumped in the sea in Ransom For A Dead Man
  • Vito Scotti, as Stool Pigeon "Donner" (not "Fats" in the ep!), was in 6 episodes of Columbo between '73 and '89.
  • Penny Santon, playing Mrs.Annuci, appeared in two episodes of Columbo in the Nineties... firstly, Death Hits The Jackpot in ’91 then she appeared again, in '94 in "Undercover", the story based on Ed McBain's 87th Precinct novel, "Jigsaw" (1970).

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